Maw Maw & Leonard Pose with the Radio

Looks like the Mirtschings got them a new radio! And not a moment too soon, since Martians would invade Earth just a week later.

October 23, 1938

"Ach, Collie, not now. I'm reading the paper."
"It'll only take a second. Just get down in front of it. There, now pretend like you're changing the station. Now look at me and smile. Smile, Anna!"
"Just take the picture, Collie."

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  1. Yes - she rarely smiled in her younger photos, but she did in later ones. My favorite time with MawMaw was playing badmitton in the basement - the floor of which you could eat off of. We laughed until we both, swear to God, peed a little in our panties and had to quit. I hope to have that kind of time with grandchildren someday....